Women with their faces on fire

A collection of writing that explores women’s relationships with themselves, their families and lovers, their dogs, and the natural world. It contains poems about the powerlessness and broken trusts of childhood in the section Bruises on Brand New Hearts, and searing poems about loss and love in “Caring for the Wound(ed)”. It also includes the award-winning “North Wind Cycle” that is an elegy to the lost and forgotten histories of female ancestries.

What reviewers have said:

“The lines of her poems are pared down, sharpening language like a knife”
(Misbah Khokhar Australian Women’s Book Review)

“thought-provoking and eloquent”
(Stephen Lawrence Wet Ink)

“contain(s) beautiful imagery to tell stories of love and death and all things life.”
(Nicki Bullock Entrophy)

“for all lovers of serious poetry.”
(Anna Solding SAETA)

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“Coming Home” is a poem I wrote about the grief that comes when a beloved dog dies

Coming Home

  • Between the mountains and the sea
    I carry him home
    the sandstone light
    cuts the world into halves
    this ending
    when death has come
    whispering no more this love
    for me
    the only certainty
    for fifteen years
    the everyday ecstasy coming home
    I fell to my knees at his laugh
  • I remember writing poems
    about the idea of love
    while his face burrowed into my arms.
  • So how will I not remember
    to walk with him by the sea look for him in the garden
    gather the tasty bits from the table?
  • How will I welcome
    the great silence of the earth
    without his footsteps his body like the wind
    tunnelling though the grass ?
  • Tell me, how do I leave you here to run on your own forever?