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Dr. Annette Marner

Writer & Photographer


Some Background…

In 2013, I completed my Ph.D at Flinders University. My subject was Australian writer Dorothy Hewett whose complex imaginative world intrigued me for all the years of my research. The first pages of her autobiography Wild Card contain some of the most beautiful and evocative images of the Australian farming landscape I have ever read. One of my favourite Australian poems will always be Hewett’s Summer. It begins: This summer I will go back / to the country of sunburnt children / the lost country at the end of the world / where two oceans meet.



For the past 10 years, I have hosted the Late Afternoons program in South Australia for ABC Radio. During my media career, (over 3 decades!), I have interviewed some extraordinary creative minds – writers, dancers, singers, actors, painters and musicians. Many of them are household names, but I will always remember this interview. It was broadcast nationally a few years ago on ABC Radio.  The subject was the meaning of human suffering, creativity and redemption, and my guest was cartoonist and philosopher MICHAEL LEUNIG: Annette Marner interviewing Michael Leunig